Bonus Days

by Kylie
Bonus Days

Bonus Days

Hi everyone, just a reminder there are only a couple of days left of our Bonus Days promotion.  During August for every $90 AUD you spend on 1-31 August (before shipping and handling), you’ll receive a $9 AUD Bonus Days coupon code that can be used on 1-30 September 2018 (and excitingly the new Holiday Catalogue will be released on 5 September! YAY!).

Q: Are the coupon codes case sensitive?
A: No, but the codes will include a dash. You need to include the dash in the code for them to work.

Q: Can you earn multiple codes on a single order?
A: Yes. There is no limit to the number of codes that can be earned on a single order. You just have to reach
the qualifying amounts to do so.

Q: If I earn multiple codes on a single order, will I receive one email or multiple emails with coupon codes?
A: If you earn multiple codes on a single order, you will get one email with multiple codes. If you earn three
separate codes on three separate orders, you will receive three separate emails.

Q: Can I use my coupon codes after 30 September 2018?
A: No. All codes will expire after 30 September 2018.

Q: If I cancel an order, will the codes be lost?
A: Yes. If you cancel an order during the earning or the redemption period that has codes on it, your codes will
be lost and you will not be able to use them again.

Q: Can coupon codes be given away?
A: Yes. The codes are not specifically tied to a demonstrator or a customer. They can be shared, but they can
still only be redeemed once. However, they have to be redeemed in the same country where they are earned.
For example, if they are earned in Australia, they have to be redeemed in Australia.

Q: Will I be allowed to apply coupons valued at more than the amount of product they’ve ordered?
A: Yes, but you will forfeit the overage of the coupons being applied.

Q: What if I doesn’t have an email address?
A: An email address is required to generate a code, so anyone who wants to participate in the promotion must
provide one.

Q: Will my Stampin’ Rewards overage or 50% off items count towards the qualifying sales amount?
A: No. Stampin’ Rewards overage and 50% off items will not count towards the qualifying amount.

Q: What if I earn coupon codes but don’t receive an email?
A: With so many different email providers, it’s possible that the email may have been sent to a spam folder.
Check there first and if the email still can’t be found, contact Demonstrator Support at 1800-SUSTMP (AU) for help.

Happy Shopping!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Hope you have a great day!

Happy Stamping, Kylie

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