Copyright Issues

by Kylie

Hi everyone, just popping in as I’ve found out that some of my branding has been stolen and used by others. While I am happy to share everything creatively in terms of cards and ideas, my branding isn’t one of those things. One of the main reasons is that I would genuinely hate for anyone to think they are dealing with me and Stampers Workshop but it is someone else altogether.

I take great pride in my Stampers Workshop brand and site and it is something I’ve worked hard on for years. I’m so appreciative of those of you who have supported (and still support me). So please be aware that if you see this image (or indeed any of my logos, thank you’s, etc) and it isn’t on my website, Facebook page, Facebook group, or Instagram page it is not me or Stampers Workshop and has been taken and used without my permission.

Here’s my host/ess code image…

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a great day! Let’s get back into the fun side of sharing online!

Happy Stamping, Kylie

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